Vicksburg Stories

Reading Cannon Now On Display At Old Court House Museum

What Was Warren County Before It Was Warren County? – Part I 

What Was Warren County Before It Was Warren County? – Part II

Anthony Glass and the Red River Expedition

Lost Landmarks of Antebellum Vicksburg: The Castle

Descendant’s Donation Adds Depth to Chaplin’s Grenade and Graffiti

Liar, Liar, Courthouse on Fire; Vicksburg’s Original Courthouse

Vicksburg had the First Public School System in Mississippi

How Vicksburg Almost Became the Capitol of Mississippi

Prussian Immigrant Establishes Himself In Vicksburg

Hiram R. Revels Was The First Black Senator In The United States

Legendary Entrepreneur Created Opportunities For Thousands

The Famed Orator of Vicksburg – S. S. Prentiss

Vicksburg Through The Eyes of J. Mack Moore

Cedar Hill Cemetery

The Mississippi River Changed Course Overnight

Civilian Life During the Siege of Vicksburg

Wallpaper Newspaper: Americana Relic From Vicksburg

Old Court House Museum Celebrates 75 Years of Preservation

Lost Landmarks Of Vicksburg: The Sprague

Vicksburg Didn’t Celebrate the Fourth of July for nearly a Century

Famed Duelist of Vicksburg: Alexander McClung

Fort Nogales: Spanish Attempt to Control the Mississippi River Valley

Pre-European Native American Archeology Exhibit Given to Old Court House Museum

Lost Landmarks of Vicksburg: The Original Anshe Chesed Temple

Military Occupation Records of Vicksburg Abandoned by Federals

Freedman’s Perspective during Vicksburg’s Occupation

Maritime Disaster and the Trial of Captain Speed

Disaster Struck Vicksburg 70 Years Ago

Lynching of Lloyd Clay

Masonic Lodges of Warren County

The Greatest Hits of the 90’s! The 1890’s!

Our Land Before Time

Here is the Real Story of how Vicksburg got its Name